Architects Relationship with Domus

Architects appreciate the team attitude Domus brings to the table. It makes sense for everyone involved in a job—the owner, the architect, and the contractor—to work together. Domus gets involved early in the planning stages to help everyone understand the intricacies of each project and how those details impact every stage of each other's plans.

Among the many architects Domus has worked with are: Cecil Baker & Partners, Kitchen & Associates, Kramer Marks Architects and Thomas & Co.

Nancy Bastian, AIA, LEED AP

Cecil Baker & Partners

"When Domus is selected as the General Contractor, it doesn't mean that there won't be problems or issues to deal with. But you know they will be dealt with in a straightforward way, that the owner will not be taken advantage of, that Domus will make things runs as smoothly as possible, that you will make the architect look good."


Steve Schoch, Principal

Kitchen & Associates

"We've collaborated with Domus on many projects, and we know that their consistent on-time, on-budget performance as well as the high quality of each project completed is a direct result of the integrity and extraordinary capabilities of the Domus team - through every level of the organization."


George Marks, Principal Kramer Marks Architects

"Every project has problems—Domus has always demonstrated a willingness to resolve problems within budget and that makes Domus great to work with."

"On an affordable housing project the only change order involved soil condition and it allowed for a refund of contingency money. The client was greatly helped by that."