Owner Relationship with Domus

Owners are comfortable working with Domus because we provide solutions. Construction involves so many details—site work, governing agencies, subcontractors, materials, weather delays—we work with you at every stage to ensure there are as few bumps as possible. We also monitor your project's bottom line, and that keeps customers coming back. "Domus delivers the building the owner was looking for at the price they agreed to. They forge long-term relationships because they have the long view on their business," according to Bill Becker, Principal at Becker Frondorff. Seventy percent of the jobs we win come from repeat customers.

Among the many owners Domus has worked with are: St. Ignatius Nursing Home, Women's Community Revitalization Project, Catholic Human Services, New Courtland Elder Services and Abundant Life Church.

Ted Robb Chairman, North County Conservancy

"I really like the preparation of their numbers. It's realistic and the kind that do not get you into change orders all over the place."  Another positive thing with Domus is that when you work with them you have no negative surprises.  Domus works very well with the project architects." 

Farah Jimenez Executive Director, Mt. Airy, USA

 "Excellent customer service. They truly are partners in the effort. To have that great of a reputation—in this city—and in this business - amazing. Domus advised us to do demo on a building first so we could uncover any hidden problems that could potentially change the pricing of the work. I appreciate the way they look out for us."