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Discovery Charter School

4700 Parkside Ave • Philadelphia, PA
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The original 50,000 sq. ft. building was constructed in the 1950’s for the Sylvania Light Bulb Company and more recently utilized as an electric supply house. Once the current renovations were completed which included a 20,000 sq. ft addition, the space included 41 classrooms, cafeteria, gymnasium, art and music rooms as well as all new mechanical systems. The space was completed ahead of scheduled and with shared cost savings it allowed the owner to save over $200,000 from the base contract amount.

Project Details

Primary Funding Source



75,597 sq.ft

Completion Date

May 2013

Contract Amount


Owner/Client Information

Discovery Charter School

Contact: Jacquelyn Y. Kelly

Architect Information

Kramer Marks Architects

Contact: Jeremy Philo